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I hope you have found my website informative. When finding a new dentist it is important that you feel confident to trust us with the care of your teeth, and your long-term oral health.

You will speak to us on the phone initially. Please ask our receptionist about us, we do pride ourselves in creating a friendly, approachable environment. We will then send you a new patient pack, including a price list for our treatment, and questionnaire. We would like you to complete the questionnaire, and bring it with you to the initial appointment.

Firstly, we will have a relaxed chat in our lounge and discuss your wants and desires for your teeth, your smile, your long term well being and any concerns you may have. I will ask you about your past dental care, and any questions or concerns you may have. This is the opportunity to get to know each other too!

During the examination I will evaluate your gums and the other soft parts of your mouth. I will look for signs of disease, oral cancer, and injury. I will assess the health of each individual tooth, and fillings/crowns you may have, as well as tooth replacements (bridges/ dentures). I will assess how your teeth look, mainly lead by concerns you have. We will take appropriate x-rays, to assess teeth/bone/jaws. We will look at your bite and the health of your jaw joint.
Occasionally we take photos.

I usually spend some time analysing the information we gathered. I will either send you a written report, or meet in person to discuss the findings, sometimes both.

Careful consideration is taken for the costs of the treatment, and your budget. There are usually many different options, with varying costs, and we need to find what suits you best. Many treatments can be spread out over a period of time, or we do arrange payment plans, with the payments spread out, if you would like treatment sooner.

Regular examinations

I take the preventative approach to dentistry. Avoiding problems, and costly solutions! Whether you have had treatment, or given a clean bill of health, I will advise you when you need to return to us for you examinations and the hygienist (where appropriate). If you have cost concerns, please speak to us, so we can create a prevention programme that you can keep to and suits your budget. We like to guarantee our work for certain periods of time. This cannot be done if we don’t see you to prevent problems.


Many of our new patients are referred by friends and family who have recommended us. We are very grateful for these referrals, so please let us know who recommend you, so we can thank them!

The ‘comprehensive examination’ and The Pankey Institute

I am one of a small percentage of dentists who have invested in post-graduate training at one of the world’s premiere dental institutes. The institute is about providing optimal care for your patients:
-personalised to your needs (I want to hear about your concerns and opinions)
-caring attitude
-comprehensive examinations:
This is more than the ‘check-up’ you may have come to expect. If I feel more complex treatment may be indicated, I will see you again to gather additional information. This will be the most thorough exam you will ever have had.

I will need to reach a complete understanding of your present state of health, gather data on your chewing muscles, jaw joints, and how your teeth come together against each other. Diagnostic Impressions of you upper and lower teeth will be made using elastic material. These impressions are a mold into which special plaster material will be poured to make an accurate copy of your mouth. The resultant casts will be mounted on an articulator, which is an instrument that simulates how your teeth come together and move against each other as you bite and chew. A final step in gathering data is a complete set of close-up photos of your teeth and face.

I will take time to study the gathered information and form a thoughtful plan that addresses your concerns and any uncovered health problems. You will be invited to schedule a subsequent appointment to discuss the findings and how best to proceed with treatment, if you so wish.

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